Dr. Jill Bakke

About Jill

Jill is an author, teacher and healer. Her background includes an educational doctorate and a Masters in counseling from Montana State, licensure as a Professional Clinical Counselor in Montana, New Jersey and Colorado, certification as a clinical hypnotherapist, and completion of the Light Body School at The Four Winds plus studies with other energy practitioners. In 2017, she retired both the LPC status and financial counseling accreditation with AFC to work full time in self-awareness and self-actualization areas.  


As a writer, Jill has published magazine and newspaper features, poetry, devotion and more recently has written two books: The Magic Theater, which she defines as “a book to introduce the use of journaling exercises for self-awareness and change,” and Messages from the River, which is about her love affair with the Columbia River in Oregon, as well as the ebook Understanding Anger (free download here).


Jill has taught at the university, junior college and community levels. Her workshops have included a wide variety of topics from money matters, to communication skills, stress management, understanding anger, and creativity,  memoir writing, and journaling courses. She has been referred as a “Renaissance Woman” because of her teaching competency and knowledge in various areas.  And she is known as helpful, compassionate and faithful to presenting her knowledge in a positive, understandable manner.


You will find Jill in Colorado where she is surrounded by family. An East Coast native, she admits a hunger for water while still loving the majesty of the mountains.

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Doctor of Education, Montana State University – Bozeman

Master of Education, Career Guidance & Counseling, Montana State University – Havre

BA English, University of Great Falls, Great Falls, MT

BA Communications, University of Great Falls, MT

Licensed Professional Counselor (1993-2016)

Former accredited AFC Financial Counselor, retired Emeritus standing

Additional coursework and internships undertaken through Northern Montana College, University of Great Falls, and the National Counselor Examination for Licensing.

Graduate, Four Winds Society Light Body School of Energy Medicine