Dr. Bakke refers to a journal as a Magic Theater.


There you are the writer, actor, director, costume and scene designer, house manager, and audience. On its pages you act out the events of your life, sort through your different roles in life and decide how these "garments" fit you, and go on to plan your future. The journal is under your control as to who may enter its pages. It provides ways to remove blockages, open creativity and generally improve your life.


Its author delves into her toolbox of tricks and uses psychology, art therapy and spiritual tools to make that promise a reality. Dr. Bakke not only gives you the exercise but uses her own experiences and those of friends to show you examples of the exercise’s importance. The Introduction addresses the technical aspects of journaling for self-help and growth: What readers can expect, how journaling works, privacy and format. The book contains 59 exercises, many with additional resources, and ends with a list of books readers may find of value.




Messages from the River is a book to open one’s heart about messages from the Universe.  The great Columbia River flows past author Jill Bakke's balcony and delivers many messages to the author. She calls it her “muse.”  


In part two she describes other ways the universe talks to us, sharing some of her messages and some from other sources.


Beautiful photographic illustrations and a touch of history round out this new and charming book that centers in and around the Columbia River and Astoria, Oregon.  


PUBLISHED FALL 2017 – Now Available


"Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die." Buddha

Anger may be extended outward.  Anger may be stuffed inside.  Anger may be diverted or avoided by running away.  None of those methods help.  But understanding what makes us or our partner angry, how to diffuse the anger, reduce conflict, and talk things out can help.


We all want peaceful moments on our life’s path.  It is Dr. Bakke's hope that what is offered here can make that possible for you.  Remember, we cannot change someone else – only ourselves. But in changing our reactions, the whole game changes. 


Understanding Anger is an interactive workbook containing a toolbox of skills to diffuse conflict, originally developed following 9/11 for use with Army Reservists preparing to deploy.



Dealing with Stress

Does the world seem to move too fast? Do you solve one problem, only to have it replaced with two new ones?


Today’s fast pace, with its problems and challenges, has created a mountain of stress for its inhabitants. Dr. Jill Bakke has put together a free e-handout with some information on causes and effects of stress, as well as some suggestions for dealing with it