An Introduction

While I work in several healing modalities, the shamanic energies are core.  This is because their purpose is to help others find their right balance.  If a person is in right relationship with life, he tends to be happier, more productive, and healthier. This can be a small step for a client or a large one. 


The step to balance depends on where the client is in life and how fast he chooses to move through his issues. A pickpocket seeing the Buddha would only see the Buddha’s pockets, and his journey could well be longer, or it could move like Paul on the Road to Damascus with immediate results. 


It is important for a practitioner in the healing arts to accomplish obtaining her own right balance with life if she is to be effective with clients. I took rest stops along the way and dragged my feet in becoming a Shaman.  I was no different than many of you.  Yet, I was born under the astrological sign of Libra, the scales, and balance was always something I knew I must achieve.  I used to explain it as being with one foot on the solid earth and one in the heavens. Today, I understand it differently than I did then. 


With right relationship, there is no duality in life. The world is whole and perfect, although not perfect in the way our earthly eyes see it.  And, thus, I find myself drawn to Yogi Berra’s wise and idiosyncratic statement, “If the world were perfect, it wouldn’t be.”


Actually, the world is perfect to teach what we came to learn, and our choice is whether we learn through pain or grace.  Those painful lessons are most excellent teachers. And I, like you, have learned through them. 


All shamanic work is done in the universal energy field which scientists now refer to as the Quantum Field.  The processes work both in person and remotely, and they can help a client break free of family dramas, heal relationships, and restore meaning, direction, and purpose to one’s life. 


Learn more about the techniques that represent some of the many methods available here.

Healing Energy Work

Scientific studies have proven that energy is the basis of everything in the universe. And methods of healing once considered fake or “woo woo” by many have proven to be helpful.  The list of these methods is long, but here are a few of the more common forms:  Reiki, tapping, shamanic energy work, Buddhist practices, sound healing, polarity therapy, and dozens more. Some of the healing methods go far back into antiquity. Shamanic energy is one of the oldest as there are ancient cultures of these methods of healings on every continent.  And there are references in the Bible of healers who used laying on of their hands. Some like Reiki, which has become one of the more accepted energy methods, are less than 100 years old.  It was discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan in 1922. Others like raindrop therapy, which uses essential oils, is even more modern. Many cannot be dated.  For example, I suspect sound therapy has been around since mankind has existed. Yet, it has just formerly been acknowledged as a technique for healing.  


Energy medicine is difficult to regulate because it is diverse.  Fortunately, it is not an invasive process like surgery or pills.  Since quantum physics has grown in acceptance, energy healing and remote processes have been proven effective as well.  I have chosen shamanic techniques to introduce remote healing energy work to my readers, as this is where I have my most experience. However, my work does not depend only on that.  I am a follower of Joe Dispenza’s methods, which have been fully researched, and am in the process of working with tapping.


Anyone can use the term “Shaman.”  Energy healing is not licensed or regulated like counselors or doctors. In fact, Sorcerers use the same energy in a different manner and a so-called shaman, or any healer, can take your energy as well as give you energy. I experienced this early in my introduction to energy medicine and techniques.  At some point I may share my story with you, but it is for later.   But a true healer who understands his duty performs it for the good of the community, not for self.


In some ways, I dislike the label “Shaman” as it has faint implications of being better or wiser than another. My belief and the belief of most true healers is that we are all divine. That we all have the capability to heal and be healed. 
For me, learning shamanic techniques was a solemn honor and privilege.  Even though I went into my training with the ability to see the sacred in all things, the process entailed months of my looking within myself to cleanse my heart and mind even more. I was tasked to find forgiveness where it was needed of self and others, to give up some qualities to gain better ones, and to look at my reactions and expectations, as well as to learn new skills.  Most of all was the practice of learning to trust the information Spirit gave me. It is also important not to judge what is big or small, important or not important because a small non-important thing to one, might be very important to another. It is not up to me to filter the information I receive but to offer it to my clients and help them with understanding it if needed.  


I do nothing without client permission. My intent when I work on a client is the client’s healing.  I sage my workspace, light a candle, and call in the guardians of the four directions, our Mother Earth, and Father above. The four directions create the Medicine Wheel.  Each direction has an animal spirit who guides it and an area of our lives that it works with. The wheel differs slightly from tribe to tribe.


A Shaman sets his intent to be a blessing and leaves the rest to the Universe.  I do this in ceremony where I call in the directions to be with me so I may be a hollow bone and deliver what is needed for the client’s highest good. It is not Jill who does the work. It is done by the spirit that created us and loves us all. 


My shamanic training primarily has been with The Four Winds where I completed the Light Body School and obtained the cuyas (or medicine stones) from the four directions and the lineage stone of the Shamans of the Q’ero tradition in Peru. My thirteen stones have been infused by the energy of what I have learned and blessed by the Spirit of the Universe and those who taught me. 


I am able to offer various rites including the RITES OF THE WOMB, THE MUNAY-KI RITES, and THE BANDS OF POWER. I have also taken classes with Sandra Ingerman and The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and I continue to seek knowledge and ability in this field as well as others. I will use energy methods that the client is comfortable with, not only shamanic ones. 


In our everyday world I held a Professional Clinical Counseling license for approximately thirty years, was certificated as a hypnotherapist, and accredited as a financial counselor.  Skills in all these areas can heal and at one time the message from Spirit to me was to build bridges between my islands.  They said they were tired of rowing me from one to another.  I didn’t understand originally, but this is what I am doing now.  Healing energy work can utilize all those skills and many people finally turn to shamanic energy work when they are stuck and all else seems to fail.


Since I reside and work both in Manitou Springs, Colorado, and Astoria, Oregon, I specialize in remote energy work. Remote work has proven to be very successful. I have experienced it myself both as the client and the practitioner.  I don’t work in areas I have not personally examined.  If you can reach me in person at either location, I will see you for a personal session.  I occasionally offer workshops and in Colorado do fire ceremonies that I open to friends and neighbors.  If you are interested in either of these features or interested in further information on energy healing, sign up for my monthly email letter.


My consent and service agreement is attached.  It explains what energy healing involves and how I can serve you. DOWNLOAD the full document here. 


Your first contact with me will be at no charge. Plan on thirty to forty-five minutes to explore what you want to accomplish and discuss your options. You can read more on my personal journey into shamanism here