Basic Terms  

Chakras – The word “chakra” is a Sanskrit word for wheel.  Our chakras are the spinning energy centers in our body.  Energy workers focus on clearing and balancing the seven chakras. More detail on chakras is given in the material on the Illumination process. 

Luminous Energy Field (LEF) – This is the aura or halo of light that extends around our body. It is also called the Light Body and serves to inform and organize the structure of all living beings.  It holds the imprint of personal and ancestral memories and histories in the intensity of their original emotion. The negative imprints influence an individual today and are what a Shamanic energy worker seeks to remove.  For a more detailed description visit

Mesa – Shamans use the term “mesa” for the covering and contents of their medicine bundles.


The Munay-Ki are the nine rites of initiation of the medicine way.  Munay means “I love you” or “Be as thou art.”  The rites are the nine gates that heal and transform our human energy field into that of homo luminous -- that of a new human form who lives without fear in his or her transcendent nature.  These rites are the codes for that new human. They hold the promise of transforming human consciousness in a rapid and precise way by re-informing the luminous matrix that organizes our body, our emotions, and our interaction with each other and the planet.


They are delivered as an energetic transmission.  The ninth rite, known as the “Creator Rite,” was transmitted for the first time in 2006 at the Holy Mountains of the Andes.  Until then it was only available to the high wisdom keepers of the Americas.  For more information visit or

Bands of Power

The Bands of Power are woven into your Luminous Energy Field (LEF) as a means of protection and act to break up and deflect negative energy.  The bands represent the five elements:  earth, air, fire, water, and light. 

Soul Retrieval  

We do not lose a piece of our soul through trauma, but a piece of our energy often goes into seclusion or hiding and is unavailable to us. It isn’t the event that causes the energy to retreat, but our interpretation of that event. A shamanic practitioner can seek out the energy that left and return it to the individual, but the individual must nurture that energy and help it feel welcome and wanted.

I am always amazed how accurate the information is and how much the energy’s return improves the life of its owner.   Sometimes it will be the energy of creating. Another person may receive energy giving the individual control of his life without dependence on another’s choice, or the energy can be something else like love or forgiveness.  I have seen returning energy give confidence, peace, and open a future that was not available earlier for the client. 

With a soul retrieval, you also receive a gift and a totem animal.  They offer qualities you will find of value as you incorporate the returning energy into your life.

The client may simply request a retrieval and allow the universe to find the piece that they need returned.  Or the client may seek to retrieve a specific energy.  The confident child, the creative artist, etc.

Unless a client has experience with shamanic medicine, the soul retrieval is seldom the first step to be taken.  It is important for a client to have confidence in the shamanic practices first and to know how to integrate the returning energy. I prefer a first-time client to work with an illumination and tracking, or even a divination exercise such as a three-card story or another of the many discovery or divination exercises. 


The luminous body that surrounds and informs our physical body encodes how we live, how we age, how we heal, and how we die. When our energy centers are flowing properly, we are more energized and effective. At times, this luminous body needs to be replenished. We call the process illumination.  

In illuminating and balancing the chakras, the following benefits can be obtained:

a.    Pathways are cleared for inspiration and energy to be reestablished.
b.    Patterns of disease and illness that could develop in the future are removed.
c.    Tracking done with the illumination may uncover crystalized energies, etc. that should be removed.  Such removal is without physical pain to the client.
d.    Pain which has been stored in the body from past experiences is eliminated.
e.    Negative behaviors are shifted to life affirming patterns.
f.    Vitality flourishes.
g.    The client will be given a simple exercise that can be done at home and will enable the luminous energy field assistance in remaining clear.    

An illumination can include a tracking session that scans the body for energies and entities that have entered the client’s body. While illuminations are involved with extractions and cord cutting, the illumination done with a soul retrieval focuses on securing the energy that is returned and rebalancing cleared chakra energy. 

Below is a diagram of the seven chakras. Many animals also have seven chakras, and most of us have had success working with dogs and cats using the same techniques we use on humans. 

chakra trans.png

First Chakra:  Indicated by the red circle. Commonly called the root chakra, it lies on the pubic bone and is involved with our sense of stability, security, and abundance. 


Second Chakra: Indicated by the orange circle. This is the sacral chakra located in the area under the navel. This chakra is associated with our sexuality and sense of creativity; it is also the source of our personal power.

Third Chakra: Indicated by a yellow circle. This is the solar plexus chakra, which is located above the navel.  Its area of concern is with emotions.

Fourth Chakra: Indicated by the green circle is the heart chakra. Located in the middle of the seven chakras, it is the first of the spiritual chakras and represents a bridge between the lower chakras of matter and the other ones of spirit.  This is the chakra of love. 

Fifth Chakra: Indicated by the turquoise circle. The fifth chakra is known as the throat chakra.  The throat chakra deals with communication and inner and outer hearing.

Sixth Chakra:  Indicated by the blue circle. We commonly refer to it as the third eye chakra, the center of intuition. It is in the middle of the forehead between the brows.


Seventh Chakra: Indicated by the purple circle. Located on the crown of our head, the crown chakra represents the spiritual connection to our higher selves, others, and the divine. The chakras are illuminated with the light from the Shaman’s seventh chakra during the process of rebalancing.

Extractions + Cord Cutting   

Negative energy can become crystalized in our body, and we can have toxic connections with other individuals.  These can be removed by extractions and cutting the cords.  Entities sometimes can attach to us. They can be loving relationships with those who have passed on, or they can be manipulative and disconcerting energies creating depression and discomfort.  These disconcerting energies can be eliminated from your energy field, but this is never done without a client’s specific permission. 

However, I allowed my grandmother’s loving energy to stay with me for decades before finally releasing her to continue her own growth. These are the simplest extractions done with much gratitude and blessing to the entity who loved you.


Often, only a simple release by you thanking them for their love and asserting your love for them is enough, and this can be done by the client without shamanic help.  Other energies may be pulling on your energy. Negative energies often do not want to leave But they can be helped to proceed to the upper world and free your blocked energy for your use. Intrusive energies can come in many forms and under many circumstances.

If you continue to meet the same problems time and time again, it usually is what Shamans term a karmic “loop” and this too can be rectified by finding the original wound and removing it.  

These issues and others can be discovered, traced, and removed from your Luminous Energy Field.  
And there are other techniques and skills that may be suitable for a client. Our bodies are energy, not matter.  Energy methods can remove the root of our problems and appear to be successful in less time than talk therapy. Remote treatment also has a successful track record.  Shamanism and other energy methods can unstick you.