Financial Counseling

Money and Finances are not "one size fits all." I can help find the right fit for you.

Helping clients achieve financial independence, minimize their tax burden and reduce debt.

I am an accredited financial counselor and Colorado licensed Professional Counselor specializing in basic financial planning and couples finances.


As a financial counselor, my goal is to help clients reach their financial goals. I primarily work with families who want to teach their children about money, have budgeting questions, student loan and mortgage issues, a need to access community resources, improve credit, pay off debt, keep investment and other records, or want to know the advantages of buying or renting. In addition, I have done bankruptcy counseling and am knowledgeable in that area.


I do not offer tax counseling or estate legal planning other than simple questions such  as tax advantages of municipal bonds, importance of considering taxes when self employed and similar  broad based questions. I also combine expertise in finances with an understanding of  overspending problems, marital conflict over money, and other issues based on hidden feelings, old teachings and lack of financial education. / Contracted as a financial counselor for HealthNet and Zeiders from 2006-2014. Currently pursuing private practice.

Specializing in:

Women's Finances   Debt Issues    Budgeting + Planning  
Teaching Children about Money
 Financial Paper Trails    Personal Finance issues and more