1. A memoir of less about a fall event that you remember. It could be a hayride, bringing in the crops, Halloween, Thanksgiving, a fall birthday, football, etc. Your memoir must tie into the season.

  2.  Submit by email to Jill@drjillbakke.com

  3. Provide your name and email for contact purposes.

  4. One memoir writer will be the recipient of a new journal plus free enrollment in the online memoir writing course. 

Online Memoir Course

Topics will include (but are not limited to):


Types of memoirs:

  •  Family histories

  •  A period of one’s life

  •  Autobiographical


Informational handouts:

  • Ways to format, bind and present

  • The addition of extra’s like genealogy, photographs

  • Putting the memoir into context of the social and family times

  • Writing tips

  • Reading list of the top memoir writing books

  • Punctuation, grammar, and writing skills

  • Handling of sensitive material


Free editing of two memoirs (available for the first four months of enrollment)


Student questions will be honored and answered


No specific time is required. One new lesson each week will be available


Proceed at your own pace


Price for the class will be what the participant is willing to pay for the assistance and information.

Pricing starts at $10