• Jill Bakke

Journaling for Transformation: An Exercise

Journaling can be a method for transformation. . . from a worm in a cocoon comes a gorgeous butterfly.

No, I am not saying you are a worm. But don't you feel trapped sometimes, like a cocoon? Are you asking, "is this all there is to life"? Journaling can help you find some answers.

I invite you to try this simple journaling exercise. And if you'd like to receive more exercises just like this one (from my book, The Magic Theater: Your Personal Journal), email me to join my mailing list.


Gratitude is one of the simplest tools you have for changing your life. When you are grateful, the heavens seem to open and bless you.

It is very helpful to include at least three things each day that you are grateful for in your journal. I like to open or close with a gratitude section. When I open with gratitude it often changes the way I feel about some of my entries and closing with gratitude leads to blissful sleep or a more energetic day. Do this with intention and thought, not like reciting the alphabet.

You may be thankful for very obvious things. I used to walk through my newly purchased home and automatically I would thank my deceased husband for leaving me financially stable enough to buy a lovely home with a great view. You may have had someone do a special favor for you that day that generates warmth and appreciation. Or you may have helped someone and were extremely grateful you were able to be of assistance. Journal those experiences.

Some people keep a separate gratitude journal. There will be times when what surfaces may surprise you. Can you be grateful for pain in your body. Pain is a sign to be gentle to your body, to take care of it. What is it telling you? To avoid a certain food? Take time to get a massage for your tired muscles? Get more rest? Listen to your body's messages. They are messages to help you regain your physical well-being. Are there other messages like pain that you considered unwelcome yet later bought you to gratitude.

Try keeping your gratitude journal for 21 days and see how your life changes.

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