• Jill Bakke


Expressing feelings in your journal through art is a healing process. It makes a connection between body, mind and soul.

Creativity is an aspect of our individuality. Carl Jung called it an instinct. It shows up in the way we dress or arrange our homes, in the food we cook, and other subtle ways. We can curtail our creativity by wearing a uniform, living a regimented life. However, that is not the purpose of creativity. Letting it show through the cracks of our lives denies creativity its true home. You cannot squelch it entirely.

Creativity’s real home is in expression.If nothing else, creativity sneaks into our dreams using our spirit’s natural language: metaphors, symbols pictures and imagination. As a gift from our spirit, it can give us wisdom our conscious mind does not know. But it also expands our lives, offers us joy, and others beauty. Expression is more important than talent, a word we often associate with creativity. And financial abundance or lack is not involved in creativity at all.

Children are naturally creative. Big boxes become tunnels, forts, or houses. Tea with their dolls and stuff animals finds the time transformed into tea with best friends. As a child growing up in an all adult household, my swing hanging from the sturdy branch of a big oak tree became a flying trapeze. A shaded space under the trees, surrounded by flowering shrubs and carpeted with wild violets, became my secret home where I entertained imaginary friends and prepared imaginary feasts for them.Christmas in a home which sometimes needed a coat of new paint on a wall or two overnight would transform into a magical forest as I twined evergreens through the stair railings, filled large vases with holly, and helped decorate the massive Christmas tree my grandfather and I had found in the woods.

When I married this creativity continued in different ways. Used ice cream tubs wound with twine made great looking waste paper baskets. I painted old furniture, giving them new lives. I sewed, something I thought I hated to do, and surprisingly created attractive clothes for the growing children and a wool suit for myself for work.

Just create: perhaps plant a beautiful garden or become that creative cook. Learn to dance or make a quilt, write a poem or throw a pot. Build a tree house and let YOUR individuality show in its design. Don’t let Miss or Mr. Perfection hold you back. Seek an outlet for your expression in an area that speaks to you.

I always wished I could paint. I even took a drawing and watercolor class or two in the life before this life. Yet, I was always dissatisfied with the results. In retrospect, I realize they weren’t too bad. Looking back I see is that I was trying to copy the object, to create what I call “calendar art” when what I really want to do is paint the way the scene makes me feel.It’s never too late to expand your creative avenues.

So, here, on the brink of my 79th birthday, I am taking out all those old sketch pads, watercolor paints and paper. I will quiet that critic on my shoulder. Talent is not the only key to successful art, expression is its mate. I will express.

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