• Dr. Jill Bakke


What do you fear? We need to challenge our fears, otherwise they control us.

What have your fears stopped you from doing? How do you behave in the face of your fears? The truth is fear can make you behave in ways that are not loving and kind. There are so many ways fear controls us and keep us from the joys we desire and deserve.

Have you ever turned away from someone you enjoy or not approached someone you would like to meet because you fear that the end result will be rejection?

Do you have manuscripts or photographs or anything that you enjoyed creating and would like to see marketed, but never submit because you fear they would be rejected?

Have you ever not spoken to someone about an issue between the two (or more) of you and thus let it grow so big that you can’t untangles the mess it has caused?

Are you afraid of snakes, heights, water, enclosed spaces or any other physical reality? If, so, the space you live in is restricted.

Do you have financial fears, but don’t seek help?

Are you afraid of public speaking, success, a new relationship?

What are your specific fears? The possible list is endless.

What have you done to overcome these fears?

What controls you? If you do nothing, your fears possess you. Yes, it is a form of possession. Look at what has happened when you failed to address a fear. Don’t let your fears keep you from healing, growth and happiness in the present. Address them. Learn to challenge them. Get help with them

Be free.

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