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We cannot escape change any more than we can escape death and taxes. Lots of things bring on change: graduation, marriage, divorce, births , death, education, health, as well as new friends, homes, jobs or callings. In the last two years, there have been many changes in my life, and since I talk a great deal about “authenticity” I knew it time to upgrade my website to reflect the changes in me.

Anyone consistently reading my blogs will know that I focus on removing obstacles to growth. In my psychology courses, I was drawn to Abraham Maslow and his self-actualization theories and to Carl Rogers’ fully functioning individual. I became a certified hypnotherapist because I saw its beneficial use and trained in shamanism to gain that knowledge. I explored quantum physics and religions, and through it all I knew that balance was the key.

A friend of mine introduced me the phrase “Practical Lab 101” as it referred to our earthly experiences. We seem to hit the same situations time and time again until we learn to master the problems therein. Joseph Campbell referred to our life as a “Hero’s Journey.” Metaphysics, which by the way actually means “anything unseen,” says we draw to ourselves the events in our life by our thoughts, feelings and actions. So how do we balance the seen and the unseen? And how do we change our thoughts and feelings?

It begins with awareness, learning to love self, and techniques to deal with our problems. My free e-book Understanding Anger gives techniques for anger issues. I wrote The Magic Theater as a primer in awareness. Now I invite you into my virtual home, my website, for my ideas and tools to help you make the changes you want to make. I intend to tend it like a garden and plant new ideas and information on the site monthly.

For those who know me primarily as a financial counselor, those skills are part of what I will use here, as money is one of the more important skills to master in life. For those who know me as a licensed counselor, you will find those skills employed here as well. But as of 2017 I no longer carry those accreditations and licenses.

I knew in the summer of 2014 major changes were on their way to me. When I dream of a house, it tells me what is going on in my personal life. Now, I am talking of night dreams, not day dreams here, and in that 2014 summer I dreamed that my house burned down. My house burning to cinders had never happened before. It was always just a different house that appeared in my dream.

I had no idea what to expect, but changes began.

First it led to me finishing the book The Magic Theater and writing a second to be out this year: Messages from the River. Second, my 98-year-old aunt who was in my care passed away in 2014, and I was free of that responsibility. Third, I quit military financial counseling. Fourth, I found myself led into writing more and resurrecting the workshops I had taught for the Army.

What you will see, and what you have seen, on this website are the results of my change. Nothing else changed. I still have what I love around me: family, decent health, stable finances, my lovely Colorado home, old friends and some new gifts of friendship and the home I have on my beloved Columbia River in Astoria.

I hope you will visit me on my website often. I welcome your comments, questions and thoughts.

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