• Dr. Jill Bakke

I'm Back!

I took a short vacation in February, caught up on my reading and spent my time writing poetry and the lessons for the upcoming Memoir Writing course. I also took time to rethink what I wanted to write about in my monthly blogs. Since my website refers to Wise Women’s Wisdom, I wanted to share more of that wisdom with you, not just things I think and write about. Introducing Kitty Edwards and her wonderful Ethical Will in January was a perfect start. I am hoping to do more of that as well as reviewing a few wonderful books I’ve been reading.

Readers and critics call Paul Selig’s channeled series of messages comparable to the well-regarded Course in Miracles channeled by Dr. Helen Schucman in 1976. I have now finished reading four of Selig’s books and feel they have changed my life. I could write about different aspects of the information I discovered within Selig’s books, but the material is so well-developed and comprehensive, you really need to hear it (or in this case, read it) from the proverbial “horse’s mouth”!

These aren’t the type of books you read through in a couple of nights. They have meat on their bones to be digested as you read. I suggest that you begin with the first book, I am the Word, or no further into the series than Book 2, The Book of Love and Creation. Each of the books builds on those that come before, and your comprehension of the material will be easier if read in order.

The books offer us material that is initially foreign to our minds, but which in retrospect makes ancient spiritual concepts understandable and applicable to every man. Selig’s Guides state the material in the books have been infused with a higher frequency that matches with Truth, and that the texts align us with Truth. Still, even with alignment, our consent to become our True Self, that manifestation of the Christed spirit which resides within each of us, is required. Nothing oversteps our free will. The books are not religious, but they are spiritual, rooted in love for each of us, our fellow man, and all creation. And the teachings given offer us peace and happiness in our lives at a time when many of us are seeking those gifts.

As I place this first brief book review before you, I sought to select a worthy quote to help you understand the direction in which Selig’s material will take you. However, there were so many that it was impossible to isolate and choose just one, so I leave you with the words printed on the inner book flap of Book 1 in Selig’s Mastery series (The Book of Mastery). From the Book of Mastery comes the endorsement of Jeffrey J. Kripal, the J. Newton Rayzor Professor of Religious Studies, Rice University: “Paul and his Guides somehow manage to transmit and then explain ancient gnostic revelations in simple language that anyone can understand.”

For Selig’s bio, go to his website https://paulselig.com.

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