• Dr. Jill Bakke

Why I Wrote The Magic Theater

An acquaintance recently asked what enticed me to write THE MAGIC THEATER: Your Personal Journal. Thinking about the answer, I realized there were several reasons for the book’s creation. And I would like to share them with you.

Since I had taught the material in person and watched people’s reactions to what they discovered about themselves, I knew I was competent to write it. I saw a need for people to examine what they believed, where the belief came from, how they acted because of their belief, and whether it served them. This was the beginning of the writing process. It fit me well, because I considered myself a seeker, one who always wanted to grow and change and become better. This became another reason I wrote it. I wanted others to discover changes that would make life easier and happier for them.

When I began the creation of this book, I decided it needed exercises to show where people were in their lives. I also wanted to offer tools to make the changes they wanted to make, and finally chose to add material that might help, but that they were unaware of. For example, there is an offering about rituals. Each topic was carefully chosen, and the background of its value was included.

The Introduction deals with privacy, format and how journaling works. The book is easy to use and offers various levels of exercise – some are more detailed, and some are perhaps more difficult, but all are easy to understand.

A friend offered me the title, and it fit perfectly. Each of us is the writer and producer of our lives. We draw life to us, and it meets us where we are. If we are unhappy, we are the only ones that can change that and give it a different direction; hence, we are also the director. We are the actor, the one who plays the part of Mary or Tom or whatever the person’s name is. We even design our costume, the way we look to others and how we travel through life, so we bear the label of costume designer as well. This is our world that we create. I wanted my book to help users understand the world they had and are creating.

Some of the tools for change take longer than others, but they all work. And the written evaluations and notes from clients who have utilized the material affirms its value. MAGIC THEATER contains 59 exercises and a list of books that may be helpful in the more complex areas such as finance, anger and self-care.

So, I thank my friend for asking.

If you want to look at or buy the book, it is available on Amazon in both the kindle and softcover format. Or, perhaps you'd be interested in our Facebook page as well.

For those of you interested in journaling, I have a list of books of interest to journal writers. Each listing consists a synopsis of the primary purpose of the book as well as the title and author. Some books are marked with a star. This means they are available on Amazon, and I list the current price.

If you would like this information, just email me and I'll send it along.

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