• Dr. Jill Bakke

Messages from My Muse

Messages from the River began as a love affair.

The River was a spiritual source for me; I called her my muse. She brought many things into my awareness and my musings grew into the book. The Prologue helps explain my feelings better than any blog I could write, so here it is (below).

My introduction to the Columbia River offers some history of the river and Astoria, Oregon. The chapters that follow introduce readers to the river’s messages. No dogma, no dram. Just lots of love for the Columbia River and its messages run through Section I. Section II is awareness of ways “other things” speak to us with messages for our health and happiness.

I hope these messages from the beautiful Columbia will speak to the readers and enrich their lives too. The book is available in eBook and soft cover. The soft cover is in color and was designed to be used as a coffee table book. The most economical source to purchase it is www.lulu.com. Lulu always offers discount offers.

I am delighted to share an excerpt from the book's Prologue here.

I notice a thin ribbon of deep blue water lay against the Washington shore when I open the balcony door and step into the crisp September air. It has become a ritual to greet the river with my first cup of coffee in hand. As I sip my coffee, I stand watching the ribbon widen, pushing the blue water closer and closer to the Oregon shore until the entire width and visible length of the river reflects the great blue sky above.

This beautiful river, the Columbia, never fails to entrance me. Its diversity seems endless. Sailboats, kayaks, a paddle wheeler, Coast Guard ships, and cruise ships merge with the pilot boats, tugs, small fishing boats, and immense cargo and container ships that ply its waters. Sea lions, salmon, and occasional pods of whales mix with other sea life, and seagulls, crows, and cormorants rule the sky. The landscape changes constantly. Whether the mournful sound of a big ship’s foghorn, flotillas of Sunday fishermen stalking the salmon, loaded barges pulled by small tugs, or the wind-billowed mainsail of an individual sailboat, the view and its sounds capture my interest.

Earlier in the week, I had a phone call from a friend. During our conversation, he remarked, “You sound so relaxed. You need to keep hold of that place.”

I have no intention of letting it go. When we discover our heart’s place, we need to grab hold of it with both hands. Astoria and the Columbia River is my heart’s place.

For generations, my family lived on the seacoast of the Atlantic Ocean. I grew up on New Jersey’s Barnegat Bay and the sandy dunes of the Atlantic. After years of living in the rolling plains and mountains of the West, I hungered to return to the water. Moving to Astoria and the Columbia River was a homecoming. Yet while the river’s appearance of serenity brings me a sense of comfort, I have also come to know her as a swashbuckling giant. I am a Libra, so I see that balancing act in myself.

Let me introduce you.

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