• Jill Bakke

Courage to Express

I missed writing for you in March, but my health issues put everything else in the background. I'm still recovering, so instead of something formal I'm sending you a poem to consider.

I hope you enjoy Courage to Express.

Do you ever get an idea

And safely tuck it away?

An unexpected happening

That simply came your way.

Does it lay there unattended,

To await another day?

Perhaps I need to question self

For I have done that thing.

Drawers of half-finished manuscripts

And other creative things.

It takes a bit of courage to

Let our creations bloom.

Do I have that ability – courage?

Am I courageous enough

To open myself to the world -- to others?

Those who may ridicule me?

Those who may ignore me?

Am I courageous enough for that?

I am just a fellow traveler, who

Unmercifully judges what she does.

Who am I to take an unexpected miracle,

Whose beauty called my soul,

To share it with my fellowmen

And let them see me as I am.

If I subdue my ego, and listen to my heart

Which let these wild things enter,

I can set them out to do their work,

Let readers choose their value.

The question now is for you, dear friend,

Will you be my fellow traveler?

Can you let your muse be expressed?

There are no hard, fast rules,

No boundaries set in stone.

Combine your ideas in any way

That gives you joy — Be courageous,

And share it with the others.

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