• Dr. Jill Bakke

Holiday Greetings

Here we are, halfway into the month of three major holidays: Kwanza, Hanukkah, and Christmas.

I find December an active month in my life. December 2 through January 11 is an overfilled period for me because of an addition of nine family birthdays. With Covid still active, shopping online has been tedious for so many gifts. And wrapping gifts, decorating the house, signing cards, and writing notes to send to loved friends and relatives has also been a momentous job. Thus, the December message for this page sat waiting for me to write it.

However, as I put up the Christmas tree and decorated it, I realized many of us had lost the true meanings of our holiday. For a brief period, I was concerned about what I could offer that would be meaningful for everyone in this group of celebrations. I was seriously considering writing about it as a time for family and friends when I received a Christmas card with the following verse. The author of the verse is S. M. Carne. Read it with your choice of holiday inserted where it refers to Christmas. We are all one, and with that slight change the verse fits all of us —even those who do not celebrate any holiday other than the change of the season.

Open your heart at Christmas

And not just for one day

Open your heart at Christmas

Let this beautiful feeling stay.

For caring, generosity and love,

We treasure through the year.

Don’t wait until Christmas

To share it with those you hold dear.

I wish you a happy holiday. May 2022 bless all of us with wisdom, love, peace, and calm.

Happy Holiday,


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