The importance of examining your life, knowing what bothers you and how you react to things, knowing what you fear and what you love cannot be overlooked if you wish to live a fulfilling life. You must know yourself without judgment and accept yourself in love exactly where you are, for only then can you change. Self-awareness stands at the center of living a fulfilling life. 


When you live an unexamined life, you live partly in accordance to the desires of others.  Your parents, society, church, and friends have been your teachers, and thus, without examination, you are programed to their beliefs.  That program must be changed because only when you live in accordance with your deepest desires and values can you find the true magic in life.

The Magic Theater: Your Personal Journal from Dr. Jill Bakke can help you know yourself.


Within its pages, you will find 59 exercises that lead you to discover what beliefs you carry from your family of origin and decide if those beliefs still serve you.

  • Examine the labels placed upon you and how labeling affects your life.

  • Learn techniques to diffuse harmful emotions.

  • Play with numerous techniques to enrich your life.

  • Experience the art of reframing.

  • Delve into dreams and daydreams.

  • Develop the attitude of gratitude.

  • Explore mandalas, the Three Lords of Materialism, the use of Mitzvah Therapy, the art of manifestation, and more.


Working with the exercises within the pages of your personal journal, you have the privacy and safety to draw, doodle, let your inner artist out, and hold a conversation with your inner critic. 

A journal is a place of exploration.  Step in....





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What Readers Are Saying about The Magic Theater by Dr. Jill Bakke

"A must read if you want to transform your perceptions about Life and Love!

An exciting book that offers practical advice complete with the depiction of insightful personal experiences. The author takes you through the realities of self-awareness from the physical and emotional right into the very heart of spirituality itself. Jill has done an amazing job that will help readers arm themselves against the turbulence of life lessons in which we all can understand the essential answers to the meaning of life itself."  – Will

5 out of 5 stars!

What a great tool to have.  – Amber

5 out of 5 stars!

Awesome take on self development!  – Dorrie


THE MAGIC THEATER: Your Personal Journal